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Huffington Post Announces Launch of Investigative Fund

On Monday, the Huffington Post announced the launch of The Huffington Post Investigative Fund. According to Ariana Huffington, the nonprofit Fund will produce a wide-range of investigative journalism created by both staff reporters and freelance writers.

“We’ll start with a budget of $1.75 million — and continue to raise funds and expand the project as we move forward,” she said.

Fantastic! This is the kind of support journalists need. But I also wonder, how does $1.75 million compare to what major newspapers used to budget for investigative journalism? It seems like a pretty big number, but I honestly don’t know how to measure it. There was a time when some newspapers sponsored investigative units. They were the exception, however. Most often, investigative stories would just evolve…as beat reporters uncovered parts to a story that hadn’t been told. How does “investigative journalism” differ from writing a really interesting story, of national or local interest? Is the real story of the Huffington Post’s announcement simply that they’re supporting journalism, investigative or otherwise?


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